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Case Results

Family Law Child Support

Won on appeal for mother. Court of Appeals made new legal precedent: when father has children with 2 mothers and state law is his child support cannot exceed 45% of his net income, child support shall be calculated based on the total number of children and not just what amount of 45% is left over after the first in time order of child support this brakes equitable share for support among all children.

Bell v Bell

Property Damage from Domestic Violence (DV) covered by Homeowners Insurance

Claim settled for over $100,000 from damage caused by husband to family beach home awarded to wife in divorce (War of Roses). This case became one of the focal points of new WA law requiring insurance companies to cover losses in DV cases even though one of the insured intentionally did it to the other. It was covered by TV’s 20/20 and we were present for Governor Gregoire signing of the law.

Family Law Custody Trials Where Court Appointed GAL Recommended Against the Mother for Custody and the Court Took the Children Away During the Year Wait for Trial

Won at trial. Very difficult fight taking apart piece by piece GAL report and GAL testimony at trial strongly opposed to mother and the father already having guardian ad litem had a year of primary residential care of the children with the presumption against changing houses again. Generally, GAL’s recommendations are followed by the courts, but they can also reach conclusions not in the best interest of the children and must be challenged.

Brooks v Brook


Won at trial. A city prosecutor wife in divorce accused husband of assault with injury pictures, statements to police. Two-week trial, jury acquitted.

City of Pacific v Stanhope.

Insurance Law and Fair Jury Selection Constitutional Right

Won at trial for driver against his own insurance company (bad faith insurance claim), but the result was not complete compensation because of the very interesting issue the Seattle King County District reviewing courts (KC Superior Court, WA Supreme Court, and US Supreme Court) did not rule upon: multiple jurors were insured by State Farm – a mutual insurance which is one in which each insured juror is an owner and receives benefits profits. The trial judge asked them to decide the liability of the insurance company on their own and the amount of the judgment. Fair trials are the bedrock of our system and a constitutional right and this case shows the years of work we did for this principle.

Allison v State Farm

Probate Dispute

In regarding the estate of Halstead Won. Oldest brother Personal Representative sued to cut out a daughter from receiving anything from estate of father who died in the Oso Mud Slide. His claims against her denied.

Failure of Guardian to Properly Account for Minor’s Money and Led to Suit and Settlement for Minor Upheld

Court appointed me GAL to review several years of Trust Account Reports because minor was turning 18 and whether guardianship was still need. I found significant lapses in the reports and money used for guardian’s personal uses. This led to a suit against guardian of minor and guardian’s attorney for failure to report, discover, and halt the misuse of funds.

Criminal DUI/Motorcycle Speeding Trial Snohomish County v Ed Swan

Won at trial. Prosecutor elected for Snohomish County handled the trial against our defendant clients. Vigorous defense prevailed.

Real Estate Foreclosure Stopped

Saved a family from losing their home at the 11th hour. Excellent win-win results.

Federal Suit for Injuries Done by Federal Employees

Settled for the Estate after taking over case from withdrawing attorney when plaintiff died during suit.


Won at trial in opposition to GAL recommendation same situation as above, but the even worse situation for mother due to allegations of mental issues, alcohol, and drugs. This mother did not have the mental issues alleged and had turned her life around in successful rehab treatment in the year without the children.