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Thoughtful and Exceptional

I worked for Bill for a couple years about five years ago. I've been a paralegal for about 26 years (I'm an old timer), and I've worked for countless attorneys and law firms both large and small, and Bill Budigan always sticks out in my mind as an exceptional attorney and as an amazingly witty and bright guy. If you need junk yard dog, this would be your man when you need him to be that. He is kind, thoughtful and exceptional at the practice of law and I would recommend him to anyone needing a good lawyer.

Legal Admin

Bill Cares a Lot About His Clients

I worked as a paralegal intern at Budigan Law Firm for one quarter, so I saw day-to-day life at the office. It's clear Bill cares a lot about his clients and gave them the best experience possible in what was likely a very difficult time of their lives.

Selma El-Badawi

Every Day Was Different

I worked as an intern for Budigan Law firm for 8 months. The best part of working here was the varied work that he assigned to us. Every day was different and I learned a lot about the different type of work lawyers do every day. Also, he actually gave us work where we had to research and think, not just mindlessly repeat the same type of work. Another pro was that he gave good feedback on where we needed to improve in our work. The main con is that the office is a little disorganized, but it did not really get in the way of getting work done.

Daniel Kubay

Bill Is Such a Great Guy

One of the best internship opportunity I’ve ever had. I met Bill at a career fair at the University of Washington during my senior year and wanted to familiarize myself with the legal field by working for him. As an international student, it was such a great opportunity to intern for Bill during my CPT before I graduated in 2019. Then interned for him again under OPT. So for international students or those who are looking to get a first hand experience at law, this is the place to go to.

The day to day task that you will be given by Bill will very dynamic, meaning that you will always be assigned various task but not limited to; talking to current clients/potential clients, doing research for specific cases in order to help Bill prepare for his court cases, and digitizing notes that will either become billable times for his various clients or notes in helping Bill with his cases. You won’t be out of things to do at the firm because there is always something to do.

I was even able to go in for a deposition at a Colombia Tower for one of the client (pre-COVID) and also for another client’s deposition via tele-conference. So this was a really cool experience for me to have sit through two depositions while I was at the law firm.

I got to work with really good co-workers too who are also UW students as well. We all helped each other in completing research task that Bill assigned to us.

Bill is such a great guy in helping me get both CPT and OPT by letting him intern at his firm. Even during the Covid Pandemic, I was able to work for him from home. He is a very busy guy due to having many clients who came for his help and you yourself will get to work with these client while at the firm. I went into this internship with no legal background and in the end I would say I’ve gained so much knowledge in the legal field all thanks to working for Bill. I will never forget this internship experience as it was a stepping stone in my career for the legal field.

Jack Zaw

Patient and Kind

I would like to take the time to thank William Budigan for allowing me to have a beautiful experience with the law, whether we were dealing with divorce cases, medical malpractice cases or motor accident cases; I had the privilege of listening to the concerns of our clients in relation to their court cases and how Budigan brilliantly gave sensible advices on what they should do to alleviate those issues and concerns! Overall, Budigan's patience and kindness with his interns and clients will indeed take him a long way! Thanks:)

Roseline Oppong

Always Tells It Like It Is

A solid general practice law firm that can get you your rights back. Interned there briefly and saw many clients defended through hard work and airtight use of facts and statutes. Mr. Budigan always tells it like it is.

Kevin Soini

Top Class Service

I've interned at Mr. Budigan's law firm in 2017 and 2018. I can attest that Mr.Budigan will provide a top class service to anyone. He's experienced and successful.

Daniel Song

Great to Work With

Bill was great to work with both as a paralegal and landlord. Worked on interesting cases with him and he was helpful. Was also very responsive and understanding as a landlord. Would definitely recommend him to friends. Go see Bill!

Zachary Reshovsky

Highly Recommend

Bill is an amazing attorney that gets results. I highly recommend him. He also handles every case himself and pays close attention to details.

Carol Jinks

I Will Always Be Thankful

I had no idea what to do I was lost and then I found these amazing lawyers that made me feel confident and comfortable. I will always be thankful I couldn't have done it without them . Thank you so much Bill and your firm.

Stacey Halstead

Easy Going, Fair, Thoughtful

Great place to work. Methodical, easy going, fair, thoughtful.